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I ti možeš biti žrtva trgovine ljudima

Ovo je naša priča koja nosi naziv „I ti možeš biti žrtva trgovine ljudima“, predstavljamo vam priče dve žene koje su bile u kandžama seksualne eksploatacije i nasilja u porodici. Takođe kroz našu priču vodimo Vas i do dece koja prose na ulicama kao i koliko su rasprostanjeni rani brakovi u romskoj zajednici. Šta čini država i lokalna samouprava po pitanju rešavanja ovih problema? Toplo preporučujemo da odgledate našu priču. Hvala na pažnji!

Ovaj tekst/video/clanak je kreiran u okviru projekta „Prevencija i borba protiv trgovine ljudima”, koji se sprovodi uz finansijsku podršku Evropske unije i Saveta Evrope, a u okviru zajedničkog programa Evropske unije i Saveta Evrope „Horizontal Facility za Zapadni Balkan i Tursku 2019-2022”. Stavovi koji su u njemu izraženi ni u kom slučaju ne predstavljaju zvaničan stav Evropske unije i Saveta Evrope.

You too can be a victim of human trafficking

This is our story called „You too can be a victim of human trafficking“, we present to you the stories of two women who were in the clutches of sexual exploitation and domestic violence. Also, through our story, we take you to the children who beg on the streets, as well as how widespread early marriages are in the Roma community. What is the state and local self-government doing to solve these problems? We highly recommend that you watch our story. Thank you for your attention!

Human trafficking is a serious problem in Europe today. Annually, 1,000 people, mostly women and children, end up as victims of human trafficking for sexual or other purposes, either in their own countries or abroad. All indicators point to an increase in the number of victims. Anti-trafficking activities are gaining worldwide attention as human trafficking threatens human rights and the fundamental values ​​of democratic societies. The umbrella document in the fight against human trafficking was adopted in Warsaw on May 16, 2005, which is the Council of Europe Convention against human trafficking based on many previously adopted documents concerning the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Victim no. 1 says about our production:

„He forced me to engage in prostitution and he wanted me to continue with it, even though I didn’t want to. It was beautiful for two months, but after that it was terrible.“

Who are the victims of human trafficking? Although some groups appear more often as victims, the fact is that anyone can be a victim of human trafficking – both men and women, both boys and girls, regardless of their origin, age, nationality, education, social status or some other characteristic.

Sanja Sretić, pedagogue of the Center for Social Work „Sveti Sava“ in Niš explains:

„Trafficking in human beings is one of the most serious crimes and one of the grossest ways of violating human rights. Of course, the normative framework itself is provided, as evidenced by the fact that since 2005, human trafficking has been introduced as a criminal offense, and in that sense, it implies serious criminal sanctions for those who commit this criminal offense. Human trafficking, as the word itself says, implies many things, primarily transportation, translation, handing over, sale of exploitation on multiple levels, both labor and sexual, and hiding a person for the purpose of their exploitation. I say that exploitation can be different and take place on several levels. And it is typical not only for adults but of course also among children, which is especially important when it comes to the guardianship body of the center for social work.“

„We have to admit that human trafficking is quite prevalent in the Roma community as well as in our entire society. Especially in recent years when using modern technology, there are big traps related to the temptation of young girls and women who, due to the economic situation, try to find a job on the Internet, which very often is not really a job, but a trap for human trafficking. And let’s say that all competitions or invitations for vacant positions or for new positions abroad are most often a trap for human trafficking,“ says Ana Saćipović; founder of the NGO „Osvit“ from Niš.

There are several forms of human trafficking: sexual exploitation and forced prostitution, forced labor, forced begging, forced to commit criminal acts, organ trafficking, forced harvesting of organs for their sale, forced domestic labor and forced marriages.

Victim 1:

„I am 48 years old and lived in my parents’ house. The person that I had problems with, I met him by chance through a friend, he forced me to engage in prostitution. And he wanted me to continue with it, so I didn’t want to, it was beautiful for two months, but everything after that was terrible. He threatened me, my daughter, he attacked my parents, so chaos came into my life, the threats were 24 hours a day, so he threatened to kill me, to kill my children. So it was terrible. This agony lasted for three years, he beat me, he threatened to kill me, he is the worst of all, he is going to kill me, he is going to slaughter me, he is going to rape my daughters, he is going to sell them, he threatens the worst, he threatens a child I was shaking, I was shaking, I was not allowed to go to bed until he heard my voice as if I was breathing slowly. My daughter the same. So when I turn off the phone, he calls my daughter’s phone, she answers out of fear, cries, shakes, so it was terrible.“

„In 2014, the city of Niš, as the first city in Serbia, adopted this document on the recommendation of the Council of Europe at its session of the city assembly,“ says the deputy mayor, Dušica Davidović, and adds:

„We made a local action plan and according to that local action plan there are exactly guidelines on how to act at the local or regional level. What the city also recognized was the formation of a new executive. The Mayor of Niš, Ms. Dragana Sotirovski, by decision appointed a working group for the fight against human trafficking, otherwise the working group was formed on the recommendation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and on the recommendation of the Government itself. We, as a working group, approached all the tasks that were imposed on us on a daily or monthly level very seriously, so that in communication with representatives of the police department in Niš and the higher public prosecution and the higher public prosecutor, doctors at the health center, the center for social work, the National Service employment, as well as labor inspectors and came to really some data that I can’t say about the number of people involved.“

You’re not in contact with him, you didn’t have the support of your parents either? Nor anyone from the state to protect you, we asked the victim of domestic violence –“ No. No, I had no support at all. Literally in the police, I almost didn’t sleep. They just said don’t answer. I said can you protect me? They said we can’t, the only thing is for some agency to protect me, they don’t have the conditions and that’s it. And the Center for Social Work? Nothing. They only came once when he broke into my house and broke everything, they brought me to the Safe House with my daughters. And how long were you in the safe house? I was with it for a month, I was supposed to stay, but the school year started, so I left then. But after that, for some time, he continued calling with threats. I informed both the police and the Center for Social Work, they literally did nothing to help me. Just their words – Don’t answer and that’s it.”

„The Center for Social Work, as a body entrusted by the state with the tasks of family justice and protection, is obliged to carry out the so-called preliminary identification, i.e. to carry out an assessment of the risk, condition and needs of the potential victim of human trafficking at the first interview, and to inform the competent authority about this. it is the Center for the Protection of Human Trafficking in Belgrade, which carries out the official identification of potential or possible victims of human trafficking“, says Sanja Sretić, pedagogue of the Center for Social Work. „So specifically at the local level, the Center for Social Work and the police work synergistically to provide protection, ensure security and provide help and support both psychologically and materially.“

Ana Saćipović adds:

„It is also a fact that there are forced marriages. And maybe some of the domiciled Roma, maybe not in the 21st century, but there are still sporadic ones, but there are when families sell their girls, not for that symbolic money, which is a tradition both at weddings in the majority population and at weddings in the Roma community. And what is the cause of the sale of these young girls? Poverty – poverty is the main reason why they sell their girls. And do you know what that money is usually spent on? To the wedding feast.”

Depriving girls and boys of their right to childhood due to forced marriages, as well as to the choice of a partner, is a serious form of violation of human rights, and not part of the Roma tradition, and solving this problem requires the coordinated activity of all social factors.

Victim 2 testifies:

„Unfortunately, I got married very early, when I was less than 15 years old.“ For the man who ruined my life. By initially being good, he pretended to be good, but unfortunately, after about a month and a half, everything went downhill. We were in a short relationship. In that relationship, I received more beatings than was okay, not to say nice, because it was nothing nice. I married him out of fear. He once chained me up in a drunken state. He was strangling me, he wanted to take my life at that moment, I somehow defended myself like an animal fighting for its life. That’s how I fought him. After that I started running, he ran into his house, took a knife and started to kill me. I somehow defended myself, turned around and managed to kick that knife. In the meantime, a taxi arrived, I got into the taxi, he got in after me. He beat me to death in the taxi, slap me, I hit head against the window. The taxi driver wanted to call the police, I didn’t allow it, he wanted to come out with a bat to kill him because he killed my soul.“

Sanja Sretić, pedagogue of the Center for Social Work, spoke about forced marriages:

„Forced, or arranged marriages, this most often happens among members of the Roma community population, where actually young women at the age of 13 or 14 make the decision to get married. It does not have to agree on whether she is a victim, but she can speak and there can be a risk of being a victim of sexual exploitation for example.“

There is a connection between early marriages and human trafficking, says Anita Cekić, psychologist at Fr. sh. „Vuk Karadžić“:

„Early marriages are very closely related to trade, and I believe that no matter how much we work, it is never enough and that we should always monitor, if possible, that child. Where did it go? How is the family? And what kind of problems is he still facing? Because undoubtedly there will be. The fact is that, unfortunately, when these girls get married early, they lose all contact with their peers, with their families, and it is forbidden to hear from each other, possibly in the presence of some older people who have to be there to monitor what she is going to do. to say and how, so that she would not give out some important information. So, early marriage is something that can have a negative impact on the female child, and the male child, of course, on several levels. Not only will they give birth early and endanger their health, not only will they end their childhood, socializing, education, but also because their life, safety and everything related to that can be endangered.“

Many non-governmental organizations and local governments, through various workshops and seminars, are making efforts to change the awareness of members of the Roma community about forced or arranged marriages.

Ajredin Limanović, a high school student and a participant in one of the workshops, says: „Because first of all, as I see it, one needs to finish school in order to get a job, so only when you are able to support and protect your family would you be able to you find a wife. Ok, I understand you fall in love and all that, but think about it, you’re still young 17, 18, 16, 15 – that’s something again, those aren’t solid years. Only after the age of  21, 22 can you think about it, which means, first of all, a job, a license, and then some love.“

 „I am against child marriages and against those arranged marriages even more. And they enter into these marriages very early, they are not at all mentally developed, nor physically, nor psychologically, so to speak. „Finish school, brother, mend those marriages, there will be time for children and for love and for everything else“, says Patrisija Pešić, a high school student.

Educator Anita Cekić says:

„The fact is that the rate of early marriages is lower nowadays, because if nothing else the girls at least finish primary and secondary school. College, and finally high school, is not mandatory, but we really take care that as many Roma girls as possible finish at least elementary school. And therefore, we do different types of workshops, preventive forums, in order to somehow get them on the right path as far as having a boyfriend, which is completely legitimate, and falling in love is completely legitimate, and finishing elementary school. In this regard, when I say we are working, the whole system works to understand each other, there is a network of cooperation with the centre for social work, with the police administration, with various non-governmental organizations, and intersectoral cooperation, that is, schools cooperate with each other.“

„Centers for social work that have triage, that have mobile teams for visiting violence, at least that should be the case when they check whether families meet the conditions for cash benefits, they are also obliged to check every application. However, the fact is that our minor children, who enter into child marriages, enter extramarital unions, so we do not have accurate data on how many children entered during one year. In 2020, based on the instructions for dealing with situations of risk of child marriage, centers for social work on the territory of Serbia recorded 191 cases. It was also in 2021, a very close number to this, not a significant fluctuation“, Ana Saćipović assesses.

Victim 2 testifies: „He did threaten me that he was going to kill my father and mother and that he was going to kill them all in turn. I was sure he would, because he is ready for it. He came to my house and forcibly lived here for a short time. He beat me to death every night even though I was in a different state. I was in a different state before this child, at four and a half months he kicked me in the spine, in the stomach, so he didn’t think about my life at all. After that, I ended up in the hospital for 12 hours, I lost my children. He killed them, literally he killed them. I somehow found strength after that. I went to the police. I reported the case, the police immediately involved social services. The social institution came to meet me, the police as well, the inspector was very grateful to me for finding the strength. Hardly any of those who suffer violence do not report, do not present their problem, but I was forced to do so. I had to ask for someone’s help, and I thank them, both the social service and the police, they all came to meet me.“

In 2021, Unicef ​​conducted research that showed that 78 children were on the streets of Niš. At intersections, in parks, on the market, on central city streets. Whether they are begging or working on the street is completely irrelevant. However, this number of children is higher, because Niš as a regional centre attracts people from rural parts and surrounding cities and municipalities to come here and have this activity in the form of work or begging – say the leaders of the city of Niš.

„What I point out as a big problem is not only the children who are on the streets and who wash the windows, but above all the beggars, according to the mayor of Niš, Dragana Sotirovski – And we are discussing this very seriously with the Ministry of Social Work and the Center for Social Work, what with small beggars who come organized from other places, from around Nis. which every Sunday and on all holidays are somewhere around religious buildings, there are even some during the summer in the gardens of cafes. It is a very big problem, but it is not only our problem but the problem of almost all big cities. In the Roma cultural centre, together with the Roma national council, we managed to provide a space for street children, so far it is working well, it is a space where children can gather, that is, to come in, to turn around, to drink tea, to hide that’s what I say from the rain, to take shelter from the rain and in that way we give them maximum support.“

How does the Center for Social Work see this problem? „This is part of gross neglect of parental duties, the content of parental rights, and an alternative form of protection should certainly be found for those children. Exactly what parents give as justification for their children’s behavior is that they did not know, were not familiar with it, that it would not happen again, that they did not have enough resources, enough money, well, that was one of the ways and it remains that way. So, let me say, these are excuses that certainly again speak in favor of someone’s parental competence.

In Niš, of course, this is present, we see it on a daily basis, those excuses of parents are still identical, we organize and attend actions in cooperation with the police when they are organized and of course, we carry out all those activities that are within our jurisdiction,“ he concludes. Sanja Sretić, pedagogue of the Center for Social Work.

In the countries of the Western Balkans, children and young people are the most common victims of human trafficking. It is estimated that one million and two hundred thousand people in the world disappear annually in the clutches of this modern slavery. According to official statistics, 46 victims of human trafficking were identified in Serbia last year, a year earlier there were 57, and 39 in 2019. However, the actual number of victims is about 10 times higher.

And finally, messages from our speakers who were victims of human trafficking and domestic violence.

„I can only say that they do not fall for stories and nice words and that they never, ever do that. So prostitution, nice words, never do that. That’s all I can say because God forbid they get caught – it will be fatal.“

„You know how I have only one message – to open four eyes. Marriage is, marriage is not a game, especially for young people – not at all. So they should not suffer violence. If he gets slapped once, he’ll get slapped all his life. He has only one message for young people – no marriage, no way, not to suffer violence, there is someone to help them, there is someone to meet them, there is no need to suffer violence because today women are protected by law.“

Hem tu shaj ove viktima tari trgovina manushencar

Akhija thani amari paramis savi ingarela anav ,,Hem tu shaj ove zrtva trgovina manushencar“, prezentujina tumnge paramisa duj djuvlengi save hine ano kandze seksualne ekspoatacije hem nasilje khi porodica . Adzukhare uzalo amari paramis ingarathumen hem kho chave save mangena kho sokhakija hem sar kobor  thane raspostime  kho rane brakhija kho romane zajednice . So kherela i drzava hem lokalne samouprave kho puchiba te reshinolphe akhala problemija ? Tatho preporuchina te dikhen amari paramis . Ov saste khi paznja !

Trgovina manushencar thano avdive ozbiljno problemi khi Evropa . Bersheskhe 1.000 manusha djuvlja hem chave agorisinensar zrtve trgovina manushencar vash seksualne namene numa kho aver svrhe , bilo kho phe phuvija bilo kho gurbetlukho . Sa o indikhatorija mothovena kho bare broja zrtve . Akhtivnostija borbe protiv trgovina manushencar dobinena paznja khi celo sasti dunjaja kho obzir khaj trgovina manushencar pretinela manushengi pravijencar hem osnovne vredostija demokratskhe drushtvija . Khrovno dokhumenthi khi borba prothiv trgovina manushencar usvojimi thano khi Varshava 16.maj 2005.bersheste a odova thano Khonvencija Saveth Evropakho khi borba protiv trgovina manushenge pravijencar hem osnovne sloboda .

Zrtva br.1aamre produkcijakhe phenol :

„Chichama thano khi sila te bavinama prostitucija hem manglja thano the nastavinav odoleja me na mangljum odova .Duj masek hine shukhar numa posle odova buth strashno.“

Kho than e viktime trgovina manushencar ? Akho nesave grupe pobuderi pojavinenphe sar zrtve chinjenica thani khaj zrtva trgovina manushencar shaj the ovel svakho – hem musha hem djuvlja , hem chave hem chija ,nezavisno khotar porekhlo , bershengi,nacionalno pripadnost , obrazovanje , socijano statusija numa aver dujte osobine .

Sanja Sretic, pedagog Centar vash socijalno buthi „Sveti Sava „kho Nish objasninol :

„Trgovina manushencar thani jekh khotar najphere krivichna delija hem jekh khotar najgrube nachinija krshibaskhe manushenskhi pravija . Obezbedime thane naravno samo normativno okvir savo svedochini cinjenica khaj thano khotar 2005.bersheste trgovina manushencar uvedimi sar krivichno delo hem vrshinol .trgovina manushencar obzirno sar soj hem o lafi khorkhore vakherel ,podrezuminol buth bucha , maj anglal prevozenje , prevodime , predaja , bikhiniba ekspoatacija kho phobare nivoija , so radana , so seksualna , garaviphe osoba khotar cilj lakhe eksploatacije .

Phenav odija eksploatacija shaj ovel raznehem odvijonolphe kho bare nivojija . Hem tipichno thano na samo vash bare vech naravno hem mashkar chave so thano posebno vazno khana thane ko puchiba organ starateljsvtocentar vash socijani buthi .“

„Mora te priznajina khaj prilichno zastupime trgovina manushencar hem khi romani zajednica sar hem kho sasto araro drushtvo . Nrochito palune bersha khana anglo koristiba savremeno tehnologija ovel bare zamke panlje vash iskkushenje therne chijencar hem romnjencar save vash ekonomskhe situacije pokushinen prekhal internet te arakhen buti , savo but chesto nane chache buti nego zamkha vash trgovina manushencar . Phenav sa konkursija numa pozivija vash chuchiba radne thaneskhe numa vash neve bucha kho iniostranstvo najcheshche thane zamkha vash trgovina manushencar .“, smatrinol Ana Sacipovic ;osnivachi NVO „Osvit khotar Nish .

Postojinen nesave oblikija trgovine manushencar :seksualne eksploatacije hem prinudno prostitucija , prinudni buti , prinudno mangipha , prinudna kho vrshenje krivicna delija , trgovina organijencar , prinudno lena organija ljenge bikhinibaskhe , prinudni buti kho kher hem prinudni brakhija .

Zrtva 1:

„Isiman 48 bersh Hem djivdindjum rodirteljskho kher . Manush kasa hinema problemija thano,manush kasa upoznajindjuma slichajno prekhal amala , chichama thano khi sila te bavinama prositucija . Hem manglja te nastavinav odoleja , me namangljum , duj masekh shukar sine numa palo odova sine but zori . Pretindjama , me chijakhe , me dade dija napadindja , haos ulo odolestar kho mo djivdipha , pretnje sine 24h, pretinima sine khaj kha mudario man me chaven .But sine strasno . Trin bersh odija agonija trajindja , man marolama , pretinolama mudaripha , znachi sa soj najgore vash mande , khaj kha mudarima ka chinelama , me chijen khaj kha silujini , khaj kha bikhini olen , sa najgore , me chave tresinenaphe , me tresinava sine , nasmijindjum te pashljovava kho kreveti dok ov mo glaso na shunol sar kha pene usporeno dishinava . Mi chaj isto Khana achava o telefoni vikhini khi mi chaj oj khotar dar javiniphe , hem rovela tresinol , znachi sine but strashno .“

“ Diz Nish  thano 2014 bersheste sar prvo diz khi Srbija , akhava dokumenti khi preporukha saveti Evropakho usvojindja khi pli sednica Skupshtinakhi dizijakhi “ penola zamenica gradonachelnice , Dusica Dvidovic hem dodajinol :

„Amen kerdjam lokalno plan akcije hem khe odova lokalno plan akcije tachno postojinen smernice sar so valjani  te delujinipe kho lokalno numa regionalno nivo. Odova so i diz adzukhare pendjari  thano formirimi neve izvrshne vlastija . Grdaonachelnica Nishiskhi gospodja Dragana Sotirovski thani resenjija imenujindja radno grupa vash borba protiv trgovina manushencar radna grupa thani formirimi khi preporukha ministrsvoja  unutrshnjih poslova vladakhe Repubikake Srbija hem khi poreporukha khorkhore Vladakhe . Amen  sar radno grupa but ozbiljno pristupindjam sa zadatkhenge save nametnidje amenge kho dnevno numa masekhoskho nivo, adjukhare khaj khi khomunikhacija prestavnikhijencar milicijakhe uprava kho Nish hem visheg javno tuzilashtvo hem visheg javno tuziociskhe , doktoriskhe sastiphaskho kher , centar vash socijalno buti , Nacionalno sluzba vash buti , sar ispekhtorija buchakhe Hem ale dji kho nesave podatkhe save me nashti te iznosinav khotar savo numero muja kherolaphe.

Nasijen ano kontakht olencar nasine tumen podrshkha ni roditeljija ?Nikho khotar drzava te zashtitinol tumen puchljam vash zrtve porodichnog nasilja -„Na . Na , uopshte nasine man nisavi podrshkha .Bukhvalno khi milicija samo so na sucham . On pendje ma javinen tumen . Me puchljum dali shaj zashtitinen man ?On pendje amen nashti , jedino ako disavi agencija te zashtitinolma ,olen nane uslovija odova i odova .A centar vasj socijalno biti ? Nishta . On sine samo jekh puti kheda kuvdja mange ano kher hem sa paglja , on andje man ani sigurno kher kupate me chijencar . Hem khobor sijena khi sigurno kher ? Masekh dive sijuma odoleja valjandjum panda te ovav , numa pochmindja thani i shkolakho bersh , adjukhare ikhliljum odotar .Palo odova nesavo period nastavindja te vikini hem paljem pretnjencar . Hem milicija hem Centar vash socijalni buti  obavestindjum , bukhvakno nishta na pomozindjema . Samo olenge lafija – Ma javinen tumen hem odova i odova .“

„Centar vash Scijalno buti sar organi savi drzava poverindja bucha porodichne pravde zashtite thanikhi obaveza te izvrshinol odija takozvanu premilirnarnu indetifikhacija , te izvrshinol khe odova pravno vakheriba procena rizik, stannje hem potreba potencijalne zrtve trgovina manushencar „, phenol Sanja Sretic , pedagoshkinja Centar vash socijalno buti . „Konkretno kho lokalno nivo Centar vash socijalno buti hem milicija thani , sinergiskhi delijundja kho obezbedjivanje  zastita kho obezbedjenje sigurtnostij hem pruzini pomoc hem podrshka sar psiholoshko adjukarte hem materijalno .“

Ana Sacipovic dodajinol :

“ Adjukhare thani chinjenica khaj postojinen prinudni brakhija . A saj nekho khotar dolmicilne roma , shaj na kho 21. vek numa pana uvekh isi sporadichno numa isi khana porodice bikhinena ple chijen na okloleskhe simbolichne lovenge , soj thani tradicija hem kho bijava kho vechiskha populacije hem kho bijava kho romane zajednice . Hem soj thano uzrok bikhinipa odole therne chija hem thikne chija ?Chororipa – thano osnovno sebephi soskhe on bikhinen ple chijen . Djanen najcheshche kho so troshiniphe o love ? Kho bijavengo veselje .“

Uskhratime prava e chijengi a hem e chavengi kho detinstvo sebepi prinudne brakhija , ama hem kho izbor e parteriskho prestavinol ozbiljno oblikh krshenje manushekhe pravija , a na deo romane tradicije hem kho reshipa odle problemiskho neophodno thano khoridinisano aktivnostija  sa drushtvena chininilicija .“

Zrtva 2 svedochinol :“ Ljelum rome rano , perde bersencar 15bersh . Vash rom savo unishtindja mo djivdipha .Adjukar sar ko starti  sine shukhar , kherdjaphe khaj thano shukar , ama palo nesave masekhtevash sa podjindja nopakho . Sijama sine ani kratkho veza . Khe odija veza vishe dobindjum maribe nego so sine amenge ok , te na phenav shukar , soskhe nasine shukar . Ov man tasavola , ov manglja odva trenutak te lol mo djivdipha , me nesar odbranindjuma sar zivotinja so borinolphe phe djivipskhe . adjukare borindjuma oleja . Palo odova me pochmindjum te prastav , ov uletindja ano po kher , lilja i churikhem hem podjindja nameraja te mudariman .nesar odbranindjuma , irindjuma hem khuvdjum preja odija churikh .Okotare alo taksi , huljindjum ano taksi , on huljindja mancar . Kho taksi mudardjama taro mariba , chalavolma shamarka chalavav shereja khi djama . Taksisti manglja te vikhini milicija me na dozvoljindjum , manglja o manush te ikljol palica te mudari ole soske ov mudaradja i dusha ani mande .“

Khotar prinudna brakhija vakherdja thani Sanja Sretic,pedagoshkinja Centar vash socijalni buti:

„Prinudno , te phenav ugoverime brakhija odova thano najchesche ovela mashkhar pripadnikhija romane populacija, khaj zaphravo therne djuvljane osobe khotar 13,14 bersh anen odlikha te stupinen kho brak.Odova ne mora dogovorini odolestar khaj thani zrtva , ama shaj vakherol hem shaj ovel rizikh te ovel zrtva seksualne ekspotacije primeriskhe .“

Veza mashkahar rano brakhija Hem trgovina manushencar postojinol , penol Anita Cekic , psiholoshkinja kho“Vuk Karadzic“:“Chache thane povezime rane brakhija e trgovina hem smatrinilphe kozom shaj khera buti nikhed nane  dovoljno hem khaj uvekh valjan  te prathina kozom moguche odova nesavo chavo . Khaj gelo ?Savi thani porodica ? Hem save problemijencar suochinenphe ? Soskhe nesumljivo khaj kha ovel . Chinjenica thani nazalost odola chija khana rano len rome , nashalen svakho kontakht pe vrshnjakhencar kasa druzindjephe , ple porodicaja , khaj zabranjeno te sundjol , eventualno kho prisustvo nesve purane manushendar save mora te oven odothe te prathinenso oj kha vakheri hem sar , te ne bi shaj izdajinol nesave informacije khotar znachaj .Adjukhare rano udaja thani nesto so kho bare nivo shaj negatthvno te utichinen khe odova djuvljano chavoro , hem kho mushikhano . druzenje , shkolovanje , soskhe so shaj ovol ugrozimo djivdipha , bezbednost hem sa okova so , shaj isi veze odoleja .“

But nevladine organizacije hem lokalne samouprave razne radionicencar hem seminarija kherena naporija te shaj o svest kho propadnikho romane zajednicakhe khotar prinudne numa ugovoreno brakhija promeninolphe .

Ajredin Limanovic , srednjoshkolci Hem uchesnikho jekh khotar radionica penola :“Soske maj anglal , sar me gndinava , valjani te agorisiniphe shkola neko te kuvel khi buti, pa tekh onda tu khed shaj ove sposobno vash porodica odrzine te dikhe khaj shaj tejsa shaj arakhe romnja . ok , lava khan zaljubineja tuth hem sa odova ,ama razmislin hari , phana sijan therno 17,18,16,15- palem thano odova  neshto ,odola nane zorale bersha . Tek 21,22 bersh shaj odolestar te razmisline maj anglalbuti , dozvola , posle nesavo ljubav .“

“ Me sijum protiv chavorikhane brakhija hem protiv okola ugovorime brakhija pana phobuder. Hem on but rano huljen khe odola brakhija , on nane ni mentalno razvijime , khaovol vakhti hem chavenge hem vash khamipa hem vash saaver „, gndinol Patrisija Pesic sikhavni srednje shkolakhi

Pedagoshkinja Anita Cekic phenola :“Chinjenica thani khaj pohari khe akvava vakhti odola rane brakhija , soske ako na aver chija te agorisinen osnovno shkola hem srednjo shkola . Fakulteti, hem kho agor srednja shkola nane obavezna ama chache ingara rachuni khotar odova sa phobuderi romane chija te agorisinen osnovno shkola . Hem adjukhare hem khera razlichite radionice , preventivne tribine , te shaj vakherava nesar ikhala olen kho pravo drom so tichiniphe te ovel tut khamlo , soj thano legithimno hem te zaljubinetut hem odova thano legitimno , te agorisine osnovno shkola . Odoleja khi veza , khana phenav khera amen , kherol hem khupate o sistemi te la amen khan ,vash razlichito nevadina organizacija , hem mashkharsektorskha saradnja te phena shkola jekh e dujteja saradjuinen.“

“Centrija vash buthi save isiolen trijaza , save isiolen moblilne timija vash obolazakh nasilja , barem valjani adjukhare te ovel khana proverinen khaj o porodice ispuninenuslovija vash novchane davanja , odova olenge isto khi obaveza te proverinen svakho prijava . Ama ,chinjnica khaj amre tikne chavore ,save huljen kho chavorikhane brakhija huljen kho vanbrachne zajednice , odoleskhe nane amen tachne podatkhe kozom chave huljindja kho nakhlo bersh .Kho 2020. bersh khi osnova instrukcija vash posttupanje kho situacije rizikha khotar chavorikhane brakhija , centrija vash socijalno buthi khi teritorija Srbijaki evidetirime thane 191 sluchaj . Odova hine hem kho 2021bersh but pashe numero akhava , na neshto znachajno osilacija „,ocenjinol Ana Sacipovic .

Zrtva 2 svedochinol :’Chache ov man pretindja khaj kha mudarolman hem me dade hem me dija Hem khaj kha reda mudari olen .Me sijuma sigurno khaj kha mudari olen soskhe sine spremno khe odova . Alo kho mo kher , khi sila djivdindja hari vakhti akathe . Ov man svakhi rat mudarolama taro mariba hem akho sijuma khamni . Me anglo akhava chavo sijuma kho aver stanje , kho star tekhvash masek ov man kuvdja preja khi khichma , kho vodji ,znachi ov na misindja vash mo djivdipha .Me palo odova gelum khi bolnica 12 sahatija , nashavdjum e chaven . Ov mudardja olen , Bukvalno ov mudardjaolen . Me palo odova kedindjum snaga .Geljum khorkhori khi milicija .Prijavindjum o sluchaj , Milicija odma ukljuchindja socijalno . socijalno  ustanova ikljilje mange kho susret , milicija adjukharte ,ispektorkha sine mange buth zahvalno khe odova so khedindjum snaga . Retkho nekho kho trpinela nasilje , na prijavinen ,na vakheren pe problemija ama me sijuma primorimi khe odova Morandjum te rodav nekaskhi pomoch hem nekh oven sate ,hem socijalno hem milicija sare iklljilje mange kho susret .“

Unicef thano 2021 bersh kerdja istrazivanje savo tegani motovdja khaj 78 chave nalazinen kho drumija Nishiskhe . Kho raskskrnice , kho parkhija , kho pazari , centarlno dizijakhe drumija .Dali thane o magiphe kho puchiba numa kheren buthi kho drumija , nane vazno . Ama akhava numero chavorengo thano pho baro , soskhe Nish sar regionalno centar anola olen khotar rurarne thana Hem khotar aver dizija hem kumune te aven akhate hem isi olen odija aktivnost ano dikhiba buchakhi numa magipaske – vakherena sherutne dizijakhe Nish .

„Okhova so istakninavsar baro problemi nane samo chave save thane kho drumija hem save thoven o djamija , maj anglal prosjakija , smatrinol  gradonachelnica Nishiskhi , Dragana Sotirovski – Hem odova vakhera but ozbiljno ministarsvoja vash socijalni buthi hem centrija vash socijalno buthi ,so e tikhne prosakahijencar save aven organizovano khotar aver thana , thrujal Nish . savo svakho nedeja hem sa praznikhija odothe thane kho verskhe objektija chak thane odothe nilajeske hem kho bashte kafichija .Odova thano baro problemi ama  nane problemi samo amen , nego sa aver bare dizija . Kho romano kulturno centar uspindjam kupate e romencar nacinalno savetija te obezbedina jekh prostor khaj o chavore shaj te khedenphe , te huljen , te iriniphe , te pijan chaj , te garavenphe adjukhar te phenav khotar brshin , te garavenphe khotar brshin hem khe odva nachin maksimalno dalen podrshka .“

Sar akava problemi dikhela Centar vash socijalno buthi ?“Odova perola kho grubo zanemarivanj roditeljijengo duznost sadrzina roditeljijengo pravo hem khaj bi svakho odole chavenge valjanol te arakhophe alternativno oblik zastita .Odoleskhe odova roditeljija sar opravdanje vash ponasanje chavenge dena chache on na djangle ,nasine odoleja pendjarde , khaj nane te ponovinol phe , khaj okhe nasineneolen dovoljno sredstvija , dovoljno love adjukhare, odoleskhe odova hine jekh khotar nachin hem odolestar achola . Adjukare odola thane , te phena , izgovorija save chache paljem vakherena kho prilog nesave roditeljskhe kopentecija .

Kho Nish thano odova prisutno , odova dikha amen svakho dive kho nivo , odola vakheriba roditeljijencar thane indetichna , amen organizujina hem prisustvujina akcijencar khi saradnja e milicija khanna on oven organizovano hem naravno sprovedimo sa odola aktivnostija save thane andaro domen amare nadleznostija ,“pandela Sanja Sretic, pedagoshkinja Centar vash socijalno buthi .

Kho phuvija Zpadno Balkani chave hem therne thane buth zrtve trgovina manushencar .Procenimo khaj bersheskhe kho kandje odole savremeno ropstvo khi lumija nashaldjol milion hem duj hiljade manusha .Prekhal zvaichno statistikha okhova bersh khi Srbija indetifikujimo 46 zrtve trgovina manushencar, bersh dive anglal hine thane 57, 2019-39.Ama  chachutno numero zrtvengo thano 10 puthija pho baro.

Hem kho agor poruka amre sagovornikijencar save hine zrtve trgovina manushencar hem nasilje khi porodica .

„Shaj samo te vakherav te na hovavdjoven kho paramisija hem suze lafia odova nikhed ama nikhed ma te kheren.Prostitucija ,suze lafija , nikada te na kheren odova .Samo odova shaj vakherav , te na del o devel te astarenphe -nakha avol shukar.“

“Djanen sar man isisamo jek porukha -te praven phe shtar jakha . Brak thano Brakh nane kheljiba pogothovo vash o therne manusha -nisar . Natroman te trpihinen nasilje . Akho jek puhti dobinol shamarkha kha dobinola celo pho djivdipha . Samo jekh poruka isi ternenge – na brak, nikako , na te trphinen nasilje , isi kho te pomoziniolen , isi kho te ikljovel kho susret , nane potreba te trphinen nasilje sokhe avdive djuvlja zashtitime zakonija.“

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