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Interview with Mr. Felix Monget

Who is MR. Felix Monget ?

Painter and writer of Gitanitude, Félix Monget draws an important part of his inspiration from his encounters with communities of Roma people: Gypsies and Gypsy Manush who welcome a brother in his plea for tolerance and respect for differences.

Esmeralda Romanez, poetess and emblematic figure of her community continues: Felix is a weaver paving bridges between the world and the Gypsy world. If it does not exist, would lack the strength rope for these bridges are eternal.
The words coming out of his mouth is a truth that is pure, unvarnished, seeking to appeal to neither, other. This truth has sprouted in his heart, feeding universal brotherhood and sharing. It can only persuade, or break against the walls of conformity.
Sincere, stripped, intense, direct, his work resembles him. It is an authentic message of love.

In the practice of his art, Felix Monget presented his work on numerous occasions in France and abroad. His poetry is regularly published. Silver Medal of Merit and Dedication French under Arts, Official Knight of Academic Greci-Marino, a member of associations such as International Artists Support Group (USA) or World Artists Initiative „Khetanes“ World Federation of Roma artists. Honorary member associations Samudaripen (Genocide of Gypsies) & AMIDT (Association for the Memory of Internment and Deportation of Gypsies). Winner of the competition organized by the European Roma & Travelers Forum (c / o Council of Europe in Strasbourg) for printing the commemorative stamp of the genocide committed against the Roma in Europe Greater Reich.

Works under copyright protection. Reproduction and use are prohibited unless expressly authorized.
Paintings and visual art (c) A.D.A.G.P. Paris.
Literary works: (c) Society des Gens de Lettres. Paris.
Artist registered at La Maison des Artistes under number: M.2778.82
Siret: 414 808 634 00011

Why do you do this Roma issues?

Years long, constant travel to learn the world and discover my human brothers. The journey has great virtues. It enriches you of the countries crossed, helps you overcome differences and religions. It extinguishes the fear and distrust to those having different ways of life and thinking. It also helps you understand the injustice and discrimination that are the wounds of the spirit, raging on all spots of the planet.

Then, back home came painting and writing in relation to my own experiences.

My meetings with the communities of Roma people are sheer coincidence, chance or predestined … These meetings which I speak date back to twenty years. They have been a determining element in my life, my painting and my poetry. Whether Roma, Gypsies, Manush, Sinti, they welcomed and loved me like a brother. They accepted me as one of them, for some, extended member of their families.

To conclude this presentation, I would say that I do not have a single drop of Rom blood in the veins but this blood, yet flowing in my body and my soul and makes my heart beat.

Now I have to mention the immense suffering that I have shared with my brothers at the injustice of the unfair treatments that were reserved for them. Soft and peaceful, loving and generous, caring for their children and elders, their lives are noble and disinterested. In return, wherever they live and although they make they are discriminated,  hunted, hounded, rejected … Nobody really know yet, nobody like them. So I decided to attempt to break down the walls of ignorance and intolerance by becoming one of their voices. All I am able to paint and write is for the benefit of my brothers Roma.

You have two books of poems  „Les Paroles Tristes“ and Routes de Migrants“, all prooceds will go to Roma cildren, why?

In the field of poetry, five books have already been published which 2 of them translated into English and Romani by my friend Harold S. Lush, Lovari Roma activist living in the USA. Sad words (Paripe Alava) – The genocide of Roma/Gypsies (O Hajba tharo baro holocausti / E romengo “Sarvnash) and The route of migrants (Roma Destinies) – O Drom Po Migratsiya ( Roma Wursitata). Can be important to inform that “Sad words” is now registered in RADOC – Romani Archives and Documentation Center (Porrajmos Holdings) in Austin (USA).With Rom Harold S. Lush, we hope that these texts will be studied later by the Roma youth.

Concerning the Royalties (proceeds) I must point out that the agreement with Harold S. Lush concerns exclusively the book “Sad words”, Royalties to be donated for the needs of Roma children.

This book was written in honor of my sweet friend now deceased Luludji Gorgan, Hungarian Roma installed in France. Fed her confidences, she asked me that her „sad words“ are not lost, as were her relatives and friends during the terrible Porrajmos. I kept my promise, and if there is some money to be withdrawn from sales of the book, it will be deposited in the hands of children of Roma people martyred.

Did you earlier previously helped to Roma children in another way?

Your question 4 puzzles me because it obliges me to break what should remain confidential. Just know that the reward of the Council of Europe for the commemorative stamp of the genocide of Gypsies been paid back in Roma Youth Portal you know. For the rest, it is a matter of conscience.

You are a member of many organization dealing with Roma issues, you have lots of awards , how do you rate the situation of Roma population in France and in EU?

Finally, my assessment of the situation of Roma in France and in Europe is not good. The anti-Roma phobia is rampant in all countries. Nationalism reborn. Extreme rights talk openly. Democracies are at risk. We observe that the Roma communities remain impoverished, deprived of education, employment, access to social systems, housing … In their respects, governments and Europe are unable to help them. Perhaps, they do not have the will?

After an anthem and a flag, language and recognition of history, the future certainly will be for a federated nation Roma and strong, able to speak with one voice at all national and international organizations to impose that their granted their fundamental rights. Also through an educated and vigilant youth.

And we’ll be armies to help.

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